HVAC Repair and Installation

HVAC Experts for all your Need Repair and installation

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) the solution that retains the right temperature of your home the year round, obviously, is an important system of your home and life.  We, at ICR Tampa, offer all the services and products you might require, and can also make required HVAC repairs and installation for you.

We started it all several years ago and we’re confident that when our technicians arrive at your door, they are well trained to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. We deliver a complete range of products that include humidifiers, air cleaners, and automated thermostats, to keep the environment of your home comfortable, safe and pleasant at reduced energy costs.

HVAC Services We Offer

HVAC Installation & Repair

We are quick to act on the failure of your air conditioner. We offer a wide variety of heating and air conditioning brands’ HVAC repair and replacement so that you get the right equipment you need. We’ll always be fair with the price and capable enough to install and fix your system quickly and correctly. Call us whenever you need our help – we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

HVAC Repair and Installation

HVAC Maintenance Agreements

We offer a great range of service agreements starting from basic inspection agreements to deluxe service packages where we take care of everything.

We offer inspection agreements that may be annual, quarterly, yearly maintenance check-ups and more. In addition, we also deliver maintenance agreements that are flexible and customized where you have the option to select the specific HVAC elements you want to be covered in a preventative maintenance agreement from primary components like chillers and boilers to all the components in your HVAC system.

We service all types of HVAC installation equipment components that may include Air handlers, Rooftop and Package DX system, Air and Water Cooled Chillers, Boilers, Cooling and Evaporative Towers, Pumps, Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Controls etc.

HVAC Installation, Replacements and Upgrades

Having an energy efficient HVAC system is the best bet to maintain your building operations and bottom line both. It is always suggested to keep an eye on improving your systems. It could be the right time to upgrade your aging or underperforming systems and controls. You might need to accommodate a facility expansion! We offer energy-saving solutions that have less downtime and timely maintenance over the product lifecycle.

We offer building and energy assessments to recommend retrofit and upgrades with the right calculation of expected energy savings.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your building automation system (BAS) or may need control upgrades on your system components, you can count on us. We also offer mechanical upgrades that include compressor upgrades, boiler upgrades, motor upgrades, pump upgrades, fan upgrades and much more.

For better HVAC ideas and solutions on how you can upgrade, maintain and repair your HVAC system for improved performance, visit Icr Tampa or call us today.

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