ICR SERVICES provides commercial service throughout North Central to South Florida. Maintaining your commercial equipment, offering improved capacity to older units and lowering utility bills which avoids frequent repairs. Preventative maintenance plays a key role in keeping your commercial and industrial HVAC equipment at it’s optimal performance level.

Our Commercial Service Always Includes The Following Precision Tune-Up Procedures
Adjust operating pressures
Monitor starting capabilities
Test Safety Controls
Test for proper Airflow
Clean or replace proper air filters specific to contract

Clean and adjust blower components
Monitor voltage/amperage
Monitor fan and safety limit controls
Adjust thermostat calibration

Clean condenser coils once a year
Clean condensate drain lines
Inspection and Replacement of drive belts
Clean evaporator coils once a year
Commercial Maintenance Plans

Our commercial maintenance plan includes
Verify Thermostat Operation
Check Temperature Splits in your Units Return and Supply
Inspect All Electrical Wiring
Tighten All Electrical Connections
Clean/Replace Air Filters
Vacuum Inside Blower Cabinet
Check Motor Bearings

Measure Suction and Head Pressures
Inspect All Relays
Inspect All Contractors
Inspect Electrical Disconnect Fuse for Wear
Wash Outdoor Coil
Measure Line Voltage at Start-Up
Flush Condensate Drain Lines
Check Motor Belts

Inspect Start Capacitor
Check Amp Draws for Indoor/Outdoor Motors and Compressor
Measure and Calculate Super heat
Check Indoor Coil if Accessible
Measure and Calculate Super cooling
Check Safety Switches
Check For Mold Creation Inside Evaporator units
Maintenance Plans are available for Air Conditioners, Refrigeration Units, Walk- In Coolers, Freezers, and Ice Maker Maintenance Plans. ICR Services will customize your commercial service according to the specific type of commercial service equipment you have. We can perform an on-site inspection in order to give you an accurate proposal for service. We are confident that we can provide and draw up a commercial service plan that fits your company’s needs.

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